9 Basic Golf Rules For Beginners

about_imageElementary rules of golf are not that hard to master, but they may seem out of reach if the game is completely new to you. Unlike other sports, golf does have some unsaid rules that, with their absence may not disqualify you, but practicing them makes you at ease on the course and with other players as well. The most basic rules concern themselves with behavior and conduct, and also with taking care of the course. This article will help any player feel more comfortable on the course, be it a player who needs to remind himself of these basic rules, or may be a player completely new to the game as well.

1. One round of the game consists of 18 holes that you need to finish within four hours
2. You are permitted to carry up to fourteen golf clubs in your kit bag. Carrying more may result in penalty.
3. Basic golf manners require that you allow the person before you to make a hit. You need to keep this in mind throughout the game all over the course. The player who is allowed to make the first hit is he who scored lowest on the previous hole.
4. Safety is always important. Before making your swing, make sure no one is standing right beside you, or in the area you are aiming at. A golf ball is very hard and could cause serious injury.

If you are a beginner to the game you need to be aware that you need to stay brisk and attentive on the course. You need to do your best to avoid slow play, which is a violation of the rules. Try these tips -

5. Before you begin the round, make sure you have all the required equipment in your golf bag. You will not have time to return for another club during play.
6. Do not try and practice on the course itself. The practice area is meant for this, or you could practice elsewhere.
7. Do not waste more than a few minutes looking for a mishit ball, its just not worth the time.
8. Do keep track of the pace of the golf players before and after you. If the group behind you is much faster than you, you could save them some frustration by letting them get ahead.
9. After you have done your putting, move out of the green immediately. This is not the area where you should hang around and look up the scores.

Following some of these basic rules and etiquette will not only improve your game, but will avoid frustrations. After all, you do need to feel welcome on a golf course, and not a pain in the wrong place.

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